Package com.limegroup.gnutella.http

Interface Summary
HTTPHeaderValue This interface for classes that contain values that can be accessed as HTTP header values for writing HTTP headers.
HTTPMessage This class defines the basic functionality of a class capable of writing an HTTP message.

Class Summary
ConstantHTTPHeaderValue This class adds type safety for constant HTTP header values.
HttpClientManager A simple manager class that maintains a single HttpConnectionManager and doles out either a simple one (for Java 1.1.8) or the MultiThreaded one (for all other versions)
HTTPConstants This class defines a set of constants for use in HTTP messages.
HTTPHeaderName This class defines an "enum" for HTTP header names, following the typesafe enum pattern.
HTTPRequestMethod Type-safe enum for HTTP request methods, as specified in RFC 2616.
HTTPUtils This class supplies general facilities for handling HTTP, such as writing headers, extracting header values, etc..

Exception Summary
ProblemReadingHeaderException Thrown in replace of IndexOutOfBoundsException or NumberFormatException