ANts P2P Program Guide


ANts P2P realizes a third generation P2P net.
It protects your privacy while you are connected and makes you not trackable,
hiding your identity (ip) and crypting everything you are sending/receiving from others.






  • Open Source Java implementation (GNU-GPL license).
  • Multiple sources download.
  • Automatic resume and sources research over the net.
  • Sources finding over the net given the hash of the file.
  • Search by hash, string and structured query.
  • Embedded support for etherogeneus data types (not only arrays of bytes...).
  • Completely Object-Oriented routing protocol.
  • Point to Point secured comunication: DH(512)-AES(128)
  • EndPoint to EndPoint secured comunication: DH(512)-AES(128)
  • Automatic serverless peer dicovery procedure.
  • IRC based peer discovery system.
  • IRC embeded chat system.

How does it work?

ANts is NOT a common P2P software. The net you join using the ANts client is an AD-HOC network.

In the classic p2p networks files are exchanged by means of direct connections among users that want to share a file.

In ad-hoc networks two nodes (say A and B) don't need a direct connection to comunicate each other, cause the comunication is realized by channels passing through other nodes:



ANts use this feature tipical of ad-hoc networks in order to grant anonimity and private communications. Realizing protected channels through any couple of nodes and making impossible for a node to identify the real peer it is communicating with (zero-knowledge routing protocol).


If you want to know more about the protocol and the network implementation please visit the official website in the web-links section of this guide, where you can find a full coverage and useful links to understand better ad-hoc networking.

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