ANts P2P Program Guide


Getting Connected...


When you start ANts P2P you should see this window



This is the main connection panel. Cliccking on SETTINGS you will be taken to another tab



This tab let you manage every program setting. You don't have to care about everything on this window... Single feartures will be described in Settings section of this guide. By now just set your connection speed and your IP address (if the one displayed is not your internet one), if you don't have a pubblic internet IP address don't care about that setting. If you have a public IP address instead, make sure it is displayed in the field: enter it manually if it is not correctly displayed and select remember IP/hostname if your IP is static. If you want to let others to connect you easily, once you have set your firewall properly, check also the Publish IP on GWebCache to let ANts put your IP in the public accessible list.


Make sure that you have checked the Search peers on GWebCache in order to let your ANts client to find other nodes: other nodes can be found on GWebCaches, IRC channels or Jeti (if you use JetiANts). ALMOST one of these features HAVE TO BE ENABLED IN ORDER TO CONNECT, otherwise you won't connect!


After you set these settings you can return to the initial tab (Connection) and click on Start Ant (you can also choose a diffrent nickname if you selected an IRC server to connect to).


NOTE: IRC chatting is NOT linked in ANY WAY to the ANts network. The channel you join when you select an IRC server and when you hit connect is a NORMAL IRC CHANNEL and it is not anonymous! Use it just to solve your doubts about ANts asking to expert users lgged in the chatroom, if you are not interested in chatting don't select any IRC server and make sure that the Find peers on GWebCache is selected. You'll connect to the ANts network bypassing the IRC connection.


Once you pressed start ant you can see the program setting up everything and getting connected to IRC. Now you can ask in chat if you have doubts. Connection to ANts network is not immediate. You have to wait for your node finds another nodes through IRC. You can also speed up you connection doing request to other people in chat: right click on a user in the chat panel and do Request Connection. You can either manually insert trusted peers by checking the Advanced checkbox in the Connection tab and putting their IPs in the dedicated list (ONLY FOR EXPXERT USERS!)



How can you figure out you are connected? Simply check that Download, Query and Upload panels have been added to the tabbed panel:



If you see this you are connected! Well done!

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