ANts P2P Program Guide


Installing ANts P2P


Once you set up your environment you have to install ANts P2P.

There are three way to perform the program setup:

  • Using the Java Web Start autoinstaller you can find in the official ANts P2P website
  • Downloading the lastest build from SourceForge as a zip archive
  • Downloading the source code from SourceForge and compiling it

If you are not a programmer you should use the Java Web Start autoinstaller, cause it manages everything on its own.


Instead if you want a deeper control you can use the zip archive. The archive can be decompressed anywhere on your filesystem and everything related to ants will remein in that folder.


If you use the autoinstaller insted, you'll find a new folder in your home directory (i.e. C:\Documents and settings\[user] in Windows or /home/[user] in linux), where files and downloads related to ANts will be put. Jar files and program related stuffs are managed by Java Web Start and you don't have to care about 'em.


To uninstall ANtsP2P you can use the Java Web Start control panel (if you installed ANtsP2P through Java Web Start). The control panel can be accessed from the Windows Start menu -> All the programs -> Java Web Start; to visualize ANtsP2P you must select Visualize -> Donwloaded Applications.



If you unzipped the archive insted, you just have to remove the folder to deflated the archive to.

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